Australian Country artist Col Millington has gone right outside the box with his new release.

As the title suggests, the music is a trip down memory lane – back to the 70s and 80s era.

All songs are written by Col and without doubt are sure to get his fans talking on this latest offering. The styles vary from Disco, R & B, Reggae, Latin etc. In fact, Col’s got it pretty much all covered.

As Col says, it was his passion to create this album of songs and “capture that sound”. For that, you have to credit him with sticking to his guns. No doubt, it was a great challenge for him to venture out from his normal way of doing things. Credit must also be given for all his self written arrangements, harmonies and vocals. The duets with Lee Jones & Tammy Wilson gives additional interest to the songs.

The tracks  certainly do get you thinking of that bygone era and yes, you do draw comparisons to some of those great retro hits of “yester year”. So, from that aspect, Col has achieved what he set out to do with the 14 songs.

Retro Dance will be profiled in the Melbourne Observer newspaper 30 July 2014

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Rob Foenander – Columnist Melbourne Observer Newspaper

Producer – Country Crossroads



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