Yet another strong album from one of Australia’s most enduring country music artists, Paul Costa. His latest release, Whisper in the Crowd, is a good example of engaging songs, fine vocals and great production.

Paul Costa cd whisper in the crowd

The 12 track list is a mix of co-writes plus some covers.  The album is described as a “new sound” for this multi award winning artist who certainly owns an impressive career resume.  From the mellow heart tugging ‘Drive To Heaven’, ‘4.35’ and ‘Chapter One’ to the over driving guitar raunch in ‘Off The Grid’, ‘Road Train’ etc, all songs are worthy of applause. My fav has got to be ‘Best Version Of Me’ with the lyrics “The Father, The Teacher, The family man that lives for his children and not just himself” ©.  It’s great to see Paul knows where his priorities are with this song. Family ties and those closest to you can always be a great lyrical inspiration.

Check out Off The Grid and get a taste of Pauls new work. You make up your own mind.

Whisper In The Crowd was profiled in the Melbourne Observer Country Crossroads column here.

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