Rachel and Kevin Pinto

rachel-kevin-pintoYOUNG TALENT SHINES

The Pinto family from Melbourne boasts a long family history of great singers.
So, let’s welcome to the stage brother and sister Rachel & Kevin.  Not that they need any fanfare. They’re already internet sensations with their YouTube clips being watched and enjoyed by thousands around the world.  The teenagers sing the easy listening style of songs that engages with all age groups and they do it well too.

Sweet innocent voices that don’t over sing and are respectful of the melody at hand. Something not all that common in younger singers these days. Impressive pitch and harmonies are also a standout with these two youngsters.  It is refreshing to hear and see these two siblings interpreting some of the classics that probably Grandma Winifred would have been more familiar with. Winifred is also a YouTube sensation with her own music offerings as is dad Michael.
Their new album ‘I’ll never find another you’ is a mix of popular tunes and an array of Christmas songs. It’s definitely worth a listen and a timely album to add to your collection.
May I suggest you’ll probably be suitably impressed yourselves?

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Rachel & Kevin were featured in my Melbourne Observer CC column 23 Nov 16.

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3 Responses to Rachel and Kevin Pinto

  1. Richard Pinto says:

    Thanks for the encouragement.It really means a lot.

  2. Anderleen Philimis says:

    Such beautiful voices!!!!! Will love to listen to them all day long. God bless you children.

  3. Such beautiful voices!!!! Will love to listen to them all day long. God bless you children.

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