Troy Cassar-Daley




Multi award winner and country music icon Troy Cassar Daley joins Country Crossroads set for a chat with “GT” and obliges with a live rendition of his song “Home”.

About Troy (an excerpt from the Troy Cassar-Daley website):

IF you take the time to study Troy Cassar-Daley, a number of contradictions will surface, quicker than the flash of bass in the headwaters of his beloved Brisbane River in south-east Queensland.

He’s the kid from Grafton in northern NSW who did it tough with his mum, Irene, after his parents separated when he was an infant. Yet he writes and sings more poignantly about family life than anyone in the business.

He was shy and sensitive as a teenager. Yet today he can hold in thrall an audience of thousands.

He’s been plying his trade for a lifetime (it began, according to family lore, with young Troy entertaining the dinner table with sets on a ukulele before securing a hand-me-down guitar aged 9) and has earned the right to be jaded. Yet he maintains an undiminished enthusiasm for his craft, and each album – you can sense it, feel it coming off the music – is a new adventure…… read more

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